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Welcome to Funky Feet - where it's all about your feet and the fun hand crafted accessories we have to deck them out with. Summer is here… that means it's time to break out your sandals and show off your feet! Funky Feet has unique fashion wears with the right prices and great quality.

We take pride that all our accessories are hand crafted - each item is made with love and not duplicated in large quantities - giving all our items their own flare.

Funky Feet carries a large variety of Custom Fit Toe Rings styles from classic to modern. Our rings are full circle - no more pinching! You can even stack your rings into groups of 2 or 3 and create your own unique combination. Our custom fit toe rings are affordable and hand crafted from quality materials - sterling silver and 14k gold-filled... never plated. Custom Fit Toe Rings are so comfortable they can be worn year round in any shoe! You can even swim & shower in your rings. Funky Feet makes real jewelry for your feet.

Come see us at a festival and get fitted in a fun and unique environment. Can't make it to a show? You can Get Sized right here on the website. We can even bring Funky Feet directly to YOU! You can host a party at your home, office or salon and earn great incentives. Visit our Party page or Special Events page for details.

Want an anklet to match your new toe rings? We have you covered. Funky Feet carries many styles and sizes of anklets ranging from beaded to sterling silver. Didn't find what you are looking for? Let us make it for you - check out our Special Request page for information.

Don't forget to check out our BareFoot Sandal page. They are perfect for summer. Wear your BareFoot Sandal to the lake, pool parties, and the beach, the dock, around the house or anywhere! We also carry a large line of Invisible Band Toe Rings. They can be worn on their own or to change the look of your BareFoot Sandal.

Stay connected with Funky Feet! Check out all our social media connections (Click on the menu "CONNECT"), picture gallery and blog. Want to be Forever Funky? Sign up today, for free! Club members receive free shipping, special ring discounts and a quarterly newsletter letting you in on all the new ring styles and accessories that we have in the works.

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